Coffee Polyphenols help minimize body fat by inhibiting fat storage genes

American Journal Physiol Endocrinol Metab, 2010 Oct 13

Coffee polyphenols suppress diet-induced body fat accumulation

**okay a side note from me NOT from this particular article. Some people can’t drink coffee because of their immune system mistakes coffee for gluten, triggering a reaction. For more information about that see this link:

Okay on with the good stuff about coffee and body fat.

Many have thought it was the caffeine that was the active ingredient in coffee for fat burning effects.

Several studies suggest that coffee consumption helps prevent chronic diseases

1. Type 2 diabetes

2. Liver diseases

3. Parkinson’s disease

The beneficial effects of coffee have been attributed to caffeine in coffee.

Scientists are now discovering that coffee also contains many phenolic compounds, otherwise known as coffee polyphenols (CPP)-such as caffeoylquinic acids and feruloylquinic acids.

It has been reported that a 200 milliliter cup of roasted ground coffee supplies approx 200 to 675 milligrams of CPP.

The daily intake of CPP by a coffee drinker is as much as l gram.

Researchers fed rats a high fat diet, and administered the rats coffee polyphenols that were without caffeine.

Something fascinating happened! The study found that long term intake of CPP significantly suppressed visceral and liver fat accumulation that was induced by a high fat diet. CPP also helped the plasma glucose, insulin concentrations, and increased energy expenditure.

Very interesting discoveries were made. Analysis of the adipose tissue revealed that CPP-fed mice had smaller adipocytes (fat cells) than the mice fed a high fat diet without the CPP.

Energy expenditure evaluated by indirect calorimetry was significantly increased in CPP-fed mice.

CPP also down regulated lipogenic enzymes in adipose tissue.

This study demonstrated that coffee polyphenols can have added effects on fat loss.

American Journal Physiol Endocrinol Metab, 2010 Oct 13

Coffee polyphenols suppress diet-induced body fat accumulation by down regulating SREBP-1c and related molecules in C57BL/6J mice.- Murase T, Misawa K, Minegishi Y, Aoki M, Ominami H, Suzuki Y, Shibuya Y, Hase T.

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