Chemical Health

Optimal health consists of a triangle of factors: physical, mental, and chemical.

Doctors that focus on the Chemical or Nutritional side of health care are sometimes called Functional Medicine practitioners or practice Functional Nutrition.


A good diet is vitally important to optimal health. Proper vitamin supplementation is just as important to keep the chemical side of our Triangle balanced. Most people don’t realize how important it is to have nutrients in the proper ratios and combination. The nutrients also need to be derived from high quality sources for the human body to utilize them.

Good article on our diet link: The World Is Fat-Barry Popkin-Professor of Global Nutrition at the University of North Carolina

Patients ask me, “What do you think of this supplement I just read about in such-and-such magazine?”.

The science of nutrition, as opposed to the theories of nutrition, is relatively new and, as in all fields of science, there is some conflicting information. In an effort to clear up some of the confusion, I’d like to propose a simple way of viewing and organizing your supplement needs: “THE SUPPLEMENT PYRAMID”.


The basic nutritional requirements for every person alive are pretty much the same.

We all need multiple vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, trace elements and essential fatty acids(Omega 3′s) on a daily basis.

This group of essential nutrients forms the base, or foundation, of our pyramid.

There are other supplements, such as CoQ10, Ginko Biloba, and Glucosamine Sulfate that are not necessarily essential to our health (as far as we know, based on current research) but can improve performance and a sense of well-being. These form the middle level of our Pyramid.

You can experiment with and change these mid-level products to see if they enhance your health.

Finally, at the top of the pyramid are supplements that are for specific purposes, such as weight loss or muscle growth.

Be aware that some of these non-essential products can actually be unhealthy and dangerous if not taken carefully and with knowledge of potential side effects.

The safe products in the top section of the pyramid could be worth trying if you are maintaining your foundational bottom now.

Until that time, you need to ask yourself why you would even want to bother with a fancy new fad supplement if all your essential nutrient needs, the base of your Supplement Pyramid, are not being met?

Every single cell in your body relies on various micronutrients (i.e. vitamins and minerals) to function at peak levels for optimum health. A deficiency in a single nutrient that goes uncorrected will shut down your immunity and homeostasis.

Essential nutrients are just that – essential to life itself.

The basic definition of an essential nutrient is “anything the body cannot manufacture itself and therefore must be obtained from the diet.” Without essential nutrients people get sick, feel tired and fatigued, gain weight, and sometimes perish.

We know that every body needs a precise mix of 59 micronutrients daily or we can’t sustain good health, let alone operate at optimum capacity. That mix includes 13 vitamins, 22 minerals, 2 fatty acids and 8 amino acids.

Micro-nutrients are needed for a wide range of body functions, including the production of co-enzymes, pro-hormones, and antioxidants.

Today’s lifestyles and eating habits often result in “unbalanced” diets that do not even meet RDA levels.

Many other factors can further increase individual nutrient requirements, such as smoking, alcohol use, chronic dieting, use of prescription or other drugs, and chronic illnesses.

Nutrient deficiencies can be found in most segments of the population, often manifesting vague, non-classic symptoms which make it difficult to recognize the problem for what it is.

We all need “good” fats to survive and it’s virtually impossible to get optimal amounts of unprocessed essential fatty acids (Omega 3′s) from our heavily processed food supply.

You should be concerned because, as the U.S. National Academy of Science states, the amount of essential fats required for health is larger by far than for any vitamin or mineral, running in the range of 6-10 grams per day.

Americans tend to get their fats from saturated, rancid, and highly processed fats, which contain trans-fatty acids that are unhealthy in abundant amounts.

Omega 3′s, however, are anti-lipogenic (which block fat storage), anti-catabolic (which helps tissue healing), and anti-inflammatory.

They also increase beta oxidation (fat burning) and improve insulin sensitivity.

One to three tablespoons or capsules of fish oil a day will keep the doctor away. Some health conditions may require more.

For more information on the many benefits of Omega 3′s see the other articles on this blog.

Here is a start:Omega 3’s- Key thoughts

Free radical cells are a natural, on-going function of the body that are created, by pollution, chemicals and stress and damage healthy cells.

Antioxidants are a special class of vitamins and other non-vitamin compounds which neutralize free radicals.

Free radicals have been implicated as a primary cause in a broad range of diseases including the Six Deadly Diseases.

According to geneticist Bruce Ames of the University of California Berkeley, each of your cells endures approximately 100,000 free radical wounds each day.

Most wounds are repaired by the body but close to 1,000 cells go unrepaired every day and accumulate over your lifetime, leading your body into a state of chronic degenerative disease, poor health and a premature death.

According to Dr. Robert D. Willis in his book Healthy at 100, “the most important medical discovery of the last half-century concerns free radicals and antioxidants.”

The National Cancer Institute, the National Institute on Aging, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins University, and the U.S. Department of Health all discovered the following about people who take supplemental antioxidants:

* Death rates down by 50%
* Cancer deaths down by 13%
* Cancer survival up by 50%
* Heart attacks and strokes down by 50%
* Skin cancer down by 70%
* Immunity up and infections down by 50%
* Cataracts down by 30%

Why gamble with your health? Take high-quality antioxidants and fish oil every day and protect your cells!

Many people are concerned by the ongoing arguments of mainstream nutritionists and doctors who say, “You get all the vitamins you need from your food” and “Supplements just give you expensive urine”.

If you are self-educated and aware enough to be taking high-quality supplements, you know that these statements are false.

Those healthcare professionals who argue against supplementation have not received an education in the field of nutritional science in the past decade.

Pick up any current magazine or newspaper, including medical journals, and you can read the studies that document the benefits of vitamin, mineral, and fish oil (Omega 3 fatty acids. EFA) supplementation.

The odds of the average American getting optimal, as opposed to adequate, amounts of the essential nutrients from our deficient processed food supply are very slim.

The USDA surveyed 22,000 people and discovered that only 3 percent actually ate healthy balanced diets every day. And of the 22,000 people surveyed not a single person received the RDA recommendation of the 10 most important vitamins and minerals on a daily basis!

If you’re still concerned about the expense, have you checked on the price of chemotherapy, cholesterol medications, heart-bypass operations, and countless other medical treatments lately?

I think they are considerably more expensive than vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and EFA supplements.

Your immune system begins in your gut. 80% of Your Immune System is Actually in Your GI Tract.

Link to gut/GI health: Acidophilus-Bifidobacterium-Probiotics

 Interesting 3 min video on the Gut-Brain-Immune System connection  and a Lab that can do more sophisticated testing:  Cyrex Labs


Most of the health problems Americans are now suffering from, including the Six Deadly Diseases, can be avoided.

They are diseases of lifestyle; years of eating poorly, not taking nutritional supplements, not exercising appropriately, not paying attention to spinal health, and living a stressful life with too little laughter, prayer and meditation.

If we could feel the immediate consequences of our lifestyle choices, most of us would change those habits today.

Pay more attention to the three areas of your Triangle of Health and live a longer, more fulfilling life full of vitality, hope and joy, beginning today!

If you are suffering from: Sports Injuries, Sprains, Strains, Car accident,  Herniated Disc, Disc Bulge, Degenerative Disc Disease, Neck pain, Headaches, Low back pain, of just want to feel better and have better life performance– please call our office in Irvine, California- at 949.857.1888 or visit our website at ADJUST2IT to learn more about Functional Fitness ChiropracticSports massage,Myofascial ReleaseCorrective ExerciseNon Surgical Spinal DecompressionClass IV laser,  and Functional Nutrition.

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