Physical Health

Optimal health consists of a triangle of factors: physical, mental, and chemical.


The key to the physical portion of the Triangle of Health is two-fold.

Healing Time of Soft Tissue

First, you need a good exercise and flexibility program that works all the muscles of the body in their complete range of motion.  Fascia-The Secret Life of Fascia

Second, you also need to maintain a properly working neuromusculoskeletal system.

As a doctor of chiropractic I enhance the integrity of the body’s architecture and nervous system.

This in turn helps to optimize the dialogue between brain and body.

I see the brain as the on-board computer and the spinal nerves as the bioelectrical information network that helps the brain and body work together.

If that communication system is allowed to work without interference, the body usually knows how to be self-repairing and self-correcting.

Chiropractors assist this process through spinal and extremity adjustments, muscle work, and body balancing/proprioceptive techniques.

More on proprioceptive training here: Fall Prevention and Balance Training Program

Scientific researchers call this “manipulation” which is the art of taking joints to their full range of motion. This stimulates neuromechanical receptors in ligaments and joint capsules that communicate back to the brain and nervous system restoring proper function.

There is a growing body of global research, both medical and chiropractic, which clearly shows that manipulation has a profound nutritive impact on joint health. Since articular cartilage has no blood supply, all nourishment and lubrication to the joint comes from movement of the liquid in the joint as pressure is applied to it.

Without proper motion of the joint, the cartilage will become malnourished.

It becomes drier, thinner, more fragile, and will form fibriotic scar tissue (the bodies version of glue).

If you don’t use it…you loose it.  Link to more medical literature on this topic: Manipulation in Improving Motion and Joint Health ~Review of Medical literature

Some of the Techniques I use in the office:

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)-Motion Assisted Adjusting-Leander Technique

Myofascial Release Technique-Active Release Technique (ART)

Exercise is also essential and is the closest thing to an anti-aging “pill”.

Exercise can make you 10-20 years younger biologically than your chronological age. Lack of regular physical exercise may account for as many as 250,000 deaths each year.

Unfortunately, when I tell a patient the health enhancing benefits of exercise they sometimes say, “Yeah doc, I know I’m supposed to exercise but I have trouble finding the time.”

Many people don’t believe that as simple a thing as exercise can really help them in so profound a way as it actually has been proven to do, so they choose to ignore or discount its benefits.

The following is a partial list of the benefits of exercise that have been scientifically documented:

* Relieves many types of knee pain more than anti-inflammatory drugs or rest
* Provides long term relief of spinal stenosis symptoms
* Lowers cholesterol levels
* Improves balance and coordination, even in the elderly
* Strengthens bones
* Fights insomnia
* Reduces the effects of mental stress and helps relieve depression
* Helps control type II diabetes
* Dissolves and helps prevent atherosclerotic plaque, explaining exercise’s proactive effect against heart attacks
* Decreases breast cancer risk by up to 60 percent
* Cuts the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding in the elderly by 50 percent
* Postpones many effects of aging
* Increases resistance to infections

If you have difficulty disciplining yourself to a regular exercise program, find a physical activity you enjoy and can do on a regular basis. Go for daily walks with a friend, join a league that plays your favorite sport, or sign up for a dance class. Physical activity can be fun!

Other good articles on Physical Health

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Exercise May Slow Some Effects Of Aging-Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 2000;40:1-10

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Exercise and the brain: something to chew on-Henriette van Praag
Trends in Neurosciences Vol.32 No.5-Neuroplasticity and Behavior Unit, Laboratory of Neurosciences, Intramural Research Program, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA
Fitness and Fat myth: “All I need to do for exercise and fat loss is Aerobics”

Functional Movement Screen-Gray Cook 

Mechanobiology and diseases of mechanotransduction-Annals of Medicine 2003;35(8):564-77. 2003:
Donald E. Ingber, M.D., Ph.D

Chiropractic and Spinal rehabilitation

Science of Spinal Regeneration and Joint Health

Why Exercise Makes Us Feel Good


Most of the health problems Americans are now suffering from, including the Six Deadly Diseases, can be avoided.

They are diseases of lifestyle; years of eating poorly, not taking nutritional supplements, not exercising appropriately, not paying attention to spinal health, and living a stressful life with too little laughter, prayer and meditation.

If we could feel the immediate consequences of our lifestyle choices, most of us would change those habits today.

Pay more attention to the three areas of your Triangle of Health and live a longer, more fulfilling life full of vitality, hope and joy, beginning today!

If you are suffering from: Sports Injuries, Sprains, Strains, Car accident,  Herniated Disc, Disc Bulge, Degenerative Disc Disease, Neck pain, Headaches, Low back pain, of just want to feel better and have better life performance– please call our office in Irvine, California- at 949.857.1888 or visit our website at ADJUST2IT to learn more about Functional Fitness ChiropracticSports massage,Myofascial ReleaseCorrective ExerciseNon Surgical Spinal DecompressionClass IV laser,  and Functional Nutrition.

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