Foam Roller for Back Pain

Posted by:  Kevin G. Parker, D.C.

This post should have been called Foam Roller for Health!

There are many other videos on you tube to learn from:  “Self Foam Rolling/ Self Myofascial Release techniques ” for various body parts.

Think of Foam Rolling as the “brushing and flossing” for your body. (muscles, joints, ligaments, Fascia, bones, soft tissues)

One could think of the foam roller as a giant rolling pin… and you are rolling out the “kinks, knotts, adhesions, fixations” in your body.

And it’s Free.  (After you buy a foam roller that is…) Many fitness places and internet sites sell foam rollers.

Average price for the basic white ones are 20.00.

There are fancier versions and harder density versions that cost more.


5-ish min:  Intro to Foam Rolling, Lower Back Pain, & the Quads-Dr. Mark Cheng

7-ish min:  Foam Roller Flexibility Recovery

2 1/2 min:   Foam Roller for Back Pain

8-ish min:  Complete Foam Roller Workout, 13 Exercises 8ish min 

6-ish min: (I am not promoting this product. It is a nice quick video on the “How to”)  Foam Roller 

2-ish min:  Thoracic Spine Roller Twisters

What Is a Foam Roller, How Do I Use It, and WHy Does It Hurt?

Dr. Mark Cheng: The Rotator Cuff-Unlocking the Shoulder-Foam Roller-5ish min video

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If you are suffering from: Sports Injuries, Sprains, Strains, Car accident,  Herniated Disc, Disc Bulge, Degenerative Disc Disease, Neck pain, Headaches, Low back pain, of just want to feel better and have better life performance– please call our office in Irvine, California- at 949.857.1888or visit our website at ADJUST2IT to learn more about Functional Fitness ChiropracticSports massage,Myofascial ReleaseCorrective ExerciseNon Surgical Spinal DecompressionClass IV laser

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