Magnesium and Bladder Irritability

Posted by:  Kevin G. Parker, D.C.

Pub Med:  Br J Obstet Gynaecol. 1998 Jun;105(6):667-9.

Double-blind, placebo-controlled study of magnesium hydroxide for treatment of sensory urgency and detrusor instability: preliminary results.

Gordon D, Groutz A, Ascher-Landsberg J, Lessing JB, David MP, Razz O.

Key Points:

1.  The urinary bladder is basically a muscle.

2.  Magnesium is a nutrient that is important for proper muscle function.

3.  See other article:  Magnesium-Prevent Muscle Cramps

4.  This particular journal article used magnesium hydroxide–which is not absorbed as well.

Better Magnesium Chelates are:  Glycinate, Bis-Glycinate, Succinate, Taurinate, Citrate.

In a prospective, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study 40 women with sensory urgency or detrusor instability randomly received either magnesium hydroxide (group A) or placebo (group B).

Pre- and post-treatment symptoms, frequency-volume charts and cystometry results were compared.

Eleven of 20 patients receiving magnesium (55%) reported a subjective improvement of their urinary symptoms, compared with five patients taking placebo (20%).

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