Single Leg Squat-Pistol Squat Tutorial

Posted by:  Kevin G. Parker, D.C.


1.  The Single Leg Box Squat is not only a great leg exercise all on its own, but is also a fantastic way to progress to one of bodyweight training’s most important and more challenging exercises: the Pistol Squat. Mike Fitch takes you through step-by-step instructions for mastering this incredibly effective movement. 2ish min video: VIDEO

2.  Doc Cheng’s Basic Pistol Progressions on Facebook page: VIDEO



For a full “to the ground Pistol squat”…Ido Portal reports a preparatory phase that lasts from 3 to 52 weeks (Yes, up to a year time) with most folks.

“The Behind the Leg Pistol Position comes originally from Tai Chi. It is one of the most demanding Loaded Stretch-Strength positions one can perform for the low body. Your glutes are going to get kicked by it, your adductors will scream, your Achilles is going to get stretched and much much more. Of course, it is a somewhat of an advanced position we don’t start” -Ido Portal


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