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Functional Medicine or Functional Nutrition

July 16, 2011

Dr. Jeffrey Bland who speaks at about 4 min into this video below, has been my Nutritional mentor since 1992.

Dr. Bland  is involved with Metagenics (nutritional company in Calif.) to which many Doctors of Chiropractic, Medicine, and Osteopathy use throughout the US/Canada/Europe– that practice Functional Medicine or more appropriately called Functional Nutrition.

Dr Bland was and is way ahead of his time in regards to why we get sick, hurt, and develop chronic diseases.

Functional Nutrition  is True Health Care.

**UPDATE OCT 2012 on Dr. Bland:  Personalized Lifystyle Medicine Institute

Short 5 min Video: Functional Medicine: A New Operating System for 21st Century Health Care

Actually our Health care system should be called a “Sick care System”.

The typical person usually doesn’t seek treatment until they are already sick.  So it should be called Sick care.

A true Health care system would be people seeking knowledge and advice on staying healthy.

How Is Functional Medicine Different than Conventional Medicine? Dr. Hyman    (4 min)

What tool can we use to measure REAL cell health? Whole Body Composition Testing (Bioimpedance Analysis): including water placement, its importance, body fat vs. lean body analysis, aging biomarkers and much more using Picture and description of the device:  BioimpedanceAnalysis (BIA)

Interesting 3 min video on the Gut-Brain-Immune System connection  and a Lab that can do more sophisticated testing:  Cyrex Labs

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