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American Death Statistics

September 3, 2009

1.  U.S. News & World Report 9/03/07 page 24
By Randall Larsen, retired US Air Force Colonel and the Director of the Institute for Homeland Security in Alexandria, VA. and Author of  “Our Own Worse Enemy”

In the last 6 years :

Nearly 3,000 Americans have died from Terrorism

30,000 Americans have died from food poisoning

240,000 Americans have died on our highways

600,000 Americans have died from medical mistakes

Another good link to read: The World Is Fat-Barry Popkin-Professor of Global Nutrition at the University of North Carolina


2.  Death from War versus Death from Motor Vehicle Collisions
By  Marilyn vos Savant of Parade

March 5, 2006 page 6
(Marilyn vos Savant is reported to have the highest IQ in the world)

How Many Americans have died from car accidents since the invention of the automobile?

How does this compare to the number who have died in wars?

Answer: “The comparison is stunning. Since the start of the Revolution in 1775, about a million Americans have died in wars.  Since Henry Ford introduced the mass-produced  motorcar in 1913, more than 2.5 million Americans have met their deaths on the road.”