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Knuckle Cracking

November 12, 2009

From the  University of California at Berkeley
Wellness Letter

Knuckle Cracking:

“Don’t worry about Knuckle cracking it does not cause arthritis, enlarged joints, or any other harm.  The disconcerting popping sounds results when the two opposing bones in the knuckles are pulled apart, which creates a vacuum with the joint.  A small amount of gas dissolved in the joint fluid is quickly released, forming a bubble that almost instantly collapses and produces the noise.”-University of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter

In recent years, numerous medical studies have confirmed the essential role of manipulation and motion in the maintenance of disc health, joint lubrication (synovial fluid), and articular cartilage nutrition. Increasingly, researchers have concluded: that impaired joint mobility, which alters the joint lubrication mechanism, may be the principal mechanism in spinal degeneration. The joints of the body are avascular (no blood supply) which leaves them dependent on movement.

Appreciating the role of chiropractic care in the restoration and maintenance of motion and, therefore, in the preservation of joint nutrition of these crucial structures provides new insight into the benefits chiropractic care.

Correcting these “stuck” vertebrate or joints helps the body’s proprioception  system function properly by removing irritation on nerves and joints. Imagine a garden that was deprived of water, it would eventually wither. By removing the so-called kink in the hose the body can send normal nerve  proprioceptive signals that are essential to overall good health.  The young and old can benefit greatly from chiropractic adjustments. (other medical references to the above cited articles are available upon request)