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Vit D deficiency in Athletes–Amer J of Sports Medicine 2013

April 2, 2013

Posted by:  Kevin G. Parker, D.C.

article from:  American Journal of Sports Medicine 41: 461-464, 2013

Vit. D is essential for the Absorption of Calcium and Phosphate-.

Over 1 Billion people worldwide are Vit D deficient!

That can lead to decreased immunity and increased fractures.

Higher Vit D levels potentiate muscle strength and muscle mass.

Vit D is imperative for muscle synthesis.

Some experts suggest 1,000-to 2,000 IU’s per day….and those with particular illness’s even higher amounts.

Remember…buy from established companies that you can trust..don’t purchase based on price alone.

Vit. D Potency Varies widely from label claims-JAMA Internal Medicine Feb 2013:
Erin LeBlanc from Oregon Health & Science University and colleagues reported that Vit. D supplement brands varied widely from label claims. 12 manufacturers were checked and contents ranged from 52 to 135% of expected dose.

Points from me…A good source of vitamin D may be hard to find.

Our bodies manufacture vitamin D3 when skin is exposed to the sun s ultraviolet-B rays which can be blocked by both windows and sunscreen.

And vitamin D is found naturally only in a few foods (e.g., fish, eggs).

That’s why products like milk are vitamin D-fortified.

Dietary supplements are often recommended, but vary in quality and may not include D3, which may be 3 times more potent than D2.

The supplement form (e.g., liquid, tablet) and manufacturing may also influence absorption potential.

That’s why it s just as important with this “basic” vitamin to seek higher quality for maximum benefits.

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