Gluten and Multiple Sclerosis

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High Rates of Celiac Disease in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Multiple Sclerosis and Celiac Disease 04/15/2011 – Celiac disease is associated with various autoimmune and neurological diseases.

A team of researchers recently completed a study on the prevalence of celiac disease in a prospective series of Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and their first-degree relatives.

They are affiliated variously with the departments of Gastroenterology, Immunology Services and neurology at the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA) in Oviedo, Spain.

The results showed 7 MS patients (10%) with positive screens for tissue IgA-anti-transglutaminase-2 antibodies, compared with just 3 positive screens for healthy controls (2.4%) (p < 0.05). OR: 5.33 (CI-95%: 1.074-26.425).

The data showed several other associated diseases, especially dermatitis 41 (57%) and iron deficiency Anemia in 28 (39%) MS patients.

MS patients also showed increased frequency of circulating auto-antibodies such as anti-TPO in 19 (26%), ANA in 11 (15%) and AMA in 2 (3%).

The increased prevalence of celiac disease in MS patients and in their first-degree relatives suggests that early detection and dietary treatment of celiac disease in antibody-positive MS patients is advisable.

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Source:  BMC Neurology 2011, 11:31doi:10.1186/1471-2377-11-31

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